The Whole Student

(Written while attending the The University of Alabama in response to some kind of survey about on-campus dining.)

I would eat more on campus if a place existed where everything prepared came from real organic produce, and free-range meats. An all-natural eatery.

After my friends and I saw the movie SuperSize Me, we decided to start paying more attention to what we put into our bodies. I believe it is a growing trend to eat more natural healthy foods. Sure man-made  processed stuff is cheap, but it literally destroys body.

If this really is a student-centered University and not just a really big profit-driven business, then it would only make sense to provide the healthiest food available as an option for its students. Sure the fast food places taste good and students love them, they are addictive. Students also love video games but there are no classes offered that allow us to waste our minds in such a way. Why then is there the oppurtunity to waste our bodies?

Do fresman students teach classes or choose the material to be studied in each course? Of course not. College is supposed to bring new information to your mind and develop the ability to analyze and form conclusions based on that information. New physical information should also be given to the student: The best natural, organic, un-processed foods possible.

From this healthy foundation the student will perform better in every other area including academics. The brain does not exist outside of the body. It only makes sense to take care of the body when training the brain.

Instead of “The Fresman-Fifteen” there should be “Freshman-Fitness.” The quality of a students body should increase just as the mind increases receiving a college education.

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