Choosing a path

One day while daydreaming as usual in a college math class, i made a list.

This list was different from most lists because i never got past number one.

I had been struggling again with stressing questions like:

What should i major in?

What do i want to be?

What should i do with my life?

You know, the typical post-highschool-midway-through-college-still-cant-decide-what-you-want-to-do syndrome.

So i decided to make a list of the things i love to do.

i thought a moment and wrote:


I never wrote anything else.

At the time i was afraid of the implications of such a statement.

However, after fighting myself for years I have finally decided to persue artistic creation as a career.

Expanding my skills as an artist is how i have chosen to turn a pass-time into a lifestyle.

My goal is to communicate love and truth, in their purest forms, to all who view my art.

*Thanks to Chase Bowers for finding this post on the Wayback Machine from

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