Change is constant and definite. To be is to change. Everything in the physical universe is changing from life to death. It is a cycle. The first half of all life grows, and the second half deteriorates that growth. From positive to negative we fall. Unlike the outside world, however, the inner human man/woman can change from negative to positive. This positive metamorphosis is what I would like to express by experimenting and exploring the changing of an object or person’s condition from a negative state to a positive one. I’m interested in an object or person’s transition from evil-to-good, naked-to-clothed, empty-to-full, asleep-to-awake, and death-to-life. All of these do not touch on the depth of the theme, but they do compliment the idea of positive change in general. While observing Metamorphosis, I want the viewer to sense improvement.

I believe that the environment around something changes what that something is. This underlying theme shadows the main idea, which is positive metamorphosis. Making the background change along with the subject would express this.

Evil-to-good might be completely of someone’s face. through their expression and the lighting I would reveal the theme. Also, someone could start out about to commit an immoral act that turns into an act of live. For example, a flying fist could be subdued to a hand shake or friendly pat on the back.

Naked-to-clothed I have already photographed. This shows the process of a guy getting ready for prom. He starts out half naked in the bathroom and ends fully clothed in a suite with his keys in hand. Mostly natural light was used to give a more raw real life effect.

Empty-to-full would be accomplished with sets of smaller pictures that parallel each other. Throughout the sets one picture in each would be a glass being filled with water to clarify the theme. The glass pictures may be paralleled with someone eating, reading, or playing music.

Asleep-to-awake is pretty self-explanatory. However, adding a little comedy, something or someone will suddenly crash onto the scene as the sleeper frantically rises to challenge the intrusion.

Death-to-life would start with someone in an obviously dead position. Manipulating the dodging effect, a light would grow from the middle of their chest until it covers them. Revitalized the person is completely alive. As the light grows the background changes as if to show the influence of the environment on the individual. This may include some obvious spiritual undertones.

[While in a college photography class I wrote a paper called “Metamorphosis” about the dynamics of positive change in the universe. This paper led to a photo project of a guy being resurrected by a beam of light. This is an edited version of that paper.]

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